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There is an app for everything and every task. Some of the most downloaded Android apps are not the most powerful among iPhone users. The most downloaded mobile apps of the first Quarter of 2019 from the reports are listed below. As we all know that WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded apps on Android while it’s fourth most downloaded on iPhone. The list is in decreasing order of the number of downloads.

Top 7 Mobile Apps downloaded in 2019 among users

1. WhatsApp

The most downloaded app among Android users on the top of the list while it is fourth most downloaded among iPhone users.

2. Messanger

Messanger is the second most downloaded app among android users. It is 5th most in apple store.

3. TikTok

TIkTok Mobile apps

How we can forget about this famous application. As the world wide population is android users. TikTok secured the third position among android for the most number of downloads. This app is on top position among iPhone users for most number of downloads.

4. Facebook

Facebook is 4th most downloaded application among Android user. While its on 6th position for iPhone users.

5. Instagram

Who so ever forgot about this amazing photos and video sharing application. One of the most used app that been accessed by every user every day. It’s on the 5th position of the most downloaded app among android while on 3rd position among iPhone users.

6. Share it

Shareit is on 6th position for android users while its no even on the list of top 20 among iPhone users.

7. Like Video

Like the video is the 7th most downloaded application among Android users while its no among the list of iPhone users.

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