We are in the stage of advancement where we have different technological invention going on, with the progress, we start to believe in some facts which are far from the reality.
Here we have listed of some 5 Tech Myths that people still hold: 

5 Tech Myths goes like this:

1. Overnight charging for Mobile is Dangerous.

Phone Charging
Many of us still believe that charging a smartphone would be dangerous for battery and can hamper its life. Moreover, some of also believe that overcharging the device would result in blowing off the battery.
This fact is true for older phones as previously there is no protection from overcharging, but nowadays Smartphones are bundled with overcharge protection we protect the battery from getting distorted by overcharging.
What this mechanism does is that it cut off the power supply to the battery as soon as the battery reaches 100 percent mark. So don’t worry about leaving your phone to charge overnight. This is one of the 5 Tech Myths.

2. Many MegaPixels Equals More Quality

Camera Lens
We have seen many smartphones having 20MP, 25MP… etc Camera does this is the only quantity to judge camera’s performance?
No, there are many factors which have to be taken into account to get a rough idea of the performance of Camera such as Aperture, Pixel size, focusing parameter etc.
We have discussed Camera Aperture and Micron Pixel size in detail here. GO HERE.

3. Poor Network Strength Means Poor Service

Poor Network
We have seen many people saying that if you have a poor network strength then you will be having a poor network service as well, does this make any sense?
So, the main concept behind the service quality is the number of people connected to a particular network and the bandwidth of that network, there is not a single relation between service quality and poor network strength.

4. More Cores Equals More Performance

While purchasing a mobile device or any gadget that has a processor as the main hardware specification, then we go for more cores i.e. we start looking for devices having more number of cores, does having more number of cores is the ultimate thing to judge a processor’s performance, according to us it is just one of those performances determining factors like architecture, bit version etc. which we have discussed earlier also. Visit Here.

5. Incognito Browsing Means Full Anonymity

Private Browsing
In every browser, there is an option of Incognito mode or private browsing does browsing in incognito or private mode means you are untrackable?
Well, you can still be tracked by your ISP and several Javascript, the basic functioning of incognito mode or private mode is that it modifies the basic functioning of the browser i.e. it prohibits browser from storing History, Passwords, Cookies, Filled Informations etc. These are some 5 Tech Myths that people still hold.