In this technology-dependent world, we use lots of storage devices to keep our data. We use mass storage devices or hard-drives to store our digital data like – photos, films, TV shows, games, software. Generally, we keep all the major files on our PC or laptop hard drive until or unless we ran out of storage, we use external drives. Since external HDDs have become quite common these days and given the fact that they are highly portable. which can decrease their lifespan even more. We will tell you how to detect if your hard drive is slowly dying. So here are the 4 major signs of hard disk failure and their remedies:

Common Signs Of Hard Disk Failure

Warning Sign 1:

One of the many possible signs of a failing hard drive is when your computer gets slow or begins to hang frequently. Even if you see the ‘Blue Screen of Death’. These signs do not appear always due to a dying hard drive. If you encounter these problems after a new installation or in Windows Safe Mode, it clearly points to a malfunctioning hard drive.

Warning Sign 2:

Too many bad sectors indicate the poor health of hard drives. The operating system automatically masked out the bad sectors of the hard disk drive. They are hard to identify, especially in case of a large amount of disk being in use.


To check for bad sectors in Windows, go to the drive partition through ‘My PC’. Right, click on it to go to ‘Properties’, then go to tools and click on ‘Error-checking’. For optimization, click on ‘Optimise and defragment drive’.

Warning Sign 3:

Another possible reason for hard drive failure is when files don’t open and you find them corrupted even after they got saved. Or if they vanish outright.

Warning Sign 4:

If a peculiar repetitive sound or grinding/screeching sound is coming out of your hard drive. The drive may be quite close to dying. The repetitive sound is called the ‘click of death’. The sound is produced by the head when attempting to write and recovering from errors in the process. Grinding sounds are the signs of dying hardware parts like the spindle motor, bearings etc.

These are the 4 major signs of Hard disk failure. We are always not prepared for these crashes. So keep the backup of your data on a cloud or another hard drive.

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